Hush, Joe

By ERNEST F. HOLLINGS, former U. S. senator


APRIL 22, 2014 -- I never had a better friend in the U.S. Senate than Joe Biden and he is an outstanding Vice President.

I am embarrassed this morning when on national TV (4/22/14) Biden is telling Putin not to "grab land" - that it is "against International Law".

Here is the Vice President of a country that doesn't just "grab land"; the United States grabs countries - Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. He's Vice President of a President that readily drone kills individuals and innocent bystanders in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and other countries.This is not only against International Law but our own Constitution.

Hush, Joe.

We started the argument with 66 entities of the National Endowment of Democracy spreading dissention to "spread democracy" in the Ukraine. Our minions helped to overthrow the elected President of Ukraine, who was elected by over a million votes.

Ukraine presently has no elected government. It is as if Russia stirred dissention to "spread communism" in Mexico. We would react as Putin reacts to protect the United States interest in Mexico.

Senator Hollings of South Carolina served 38 years in the United States Senate, and for many years was Chairman of the Commerce, Space, Science & Transportation Committee. He is the author of Making Government Work (University of South Carolina Press, 2008).

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